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C2 Computer Services is your local, preferred Closed-Circuit TV installation services company in the Delray Beach, FL area. As an experienced CCTV consultant and installer, we’ll get your surveillance system up and running quickly and effectively. Contact us today.

You want to keep your company safe, but you lack the time, budget, and expertise to do so. We are experts in closed-circuit TV installation and offer 24/7 monitoring to all of our customers. Our staff provides high-quality surveillance at a fair price.

How does a CCTV system work?

CCTV cameras record events taking place on and around your property. The footage is saved on a recorder for future use. Most CCTV systems include many cameras in various locations. When there is activity on the network, security software alerts the proprietor. Owners can view the footage remotely via a web browser or mobile app. Some systems also support remote viewing through desktop programs.

What makes a CCTV system so effective?

Though CCTV has existed since the late 1940s, its use has expanded considerably in recent years due to technological breakthroughs. CCTV cameras today are smaller, more reliable, and produce higher-quality images. And with the emergence of cloud-based solutions, storing and managing footage from multiple cameras is now easier than ever.

A CCTV system is most successful when focusing on high-activity areas, including parking lots, entryways, loading docks, cash registers, and corridors. Closed Circuit TV offers a proactive solution to protecting these weak points.

The Benefits of Video Surveillance

CCTV systems provide businesses with several benefits, including the following:

Improved security and safety

Monitoring systems can improve employee and customer safety by recording incidents on business premises.

Deterrence of crime and vandalism

CCTV systems serve as a visual deterrent. Crooks are less inclined to commit crimes if they know that CCTV cameras are watching them.

Evidence collection

CCTV can help businesses reduce theft losses by recording activities in and around company premises. In addition, business owners can use the video to identify thieves and offer proof in court.

Peace of mind for business owners

Closed-circuit television provides 24-hour security surveillance for your commercial property, delivering crystal-clear footage and ultimate peace of mind.

We are CCTV Installation Experts

C2 Computer Services delivers expert advice on CCTV systems from design to installation.

Our skilled staff can help you select the best cameras for your needs. Choose from:

  • Day/night
  • Infrared/night vision
  • Network/IP
  • Wireless

We also guarantee:

Professional installation

We are Delray Beach’s preferred company with over 20 years of experience installing CCTV systems. So you can be confident that C2 Computer Services will install your CCTV system correctly without hassle. We also offer configuration help and training to ensure your system is fully operational and performing at its best.

First-class customer service

Our customer service is always available to answer any questions you may have, and we will never leave you hanging.

Quality you can count on

We exclusively use cutting-edge technology. So not only are our products great, but we also keep up with new technologies to ensure you always have the best option available.

Keep your Business Safe. Call C2 Computer Services

C2 Computer Services is the first and most reputable CCTV installation service in Delray Beach, FL. We also offer Closed Circuit Television system consultancy and training to local businesses.

Our team can integrate existing technologies into your CCTV installation, allowing you to make the most of your security system.

We provide cost-effective solutions, allowing you to select a system that fulfills your requirements while remaining within your budget.

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