Oasis Of Hope Receives In-Kind Donation from C2 Computer Services, Inc.

C2 Computer Services, Inc., has once again made a very generous donation of 8 Dell PC devices to the nonprofit – Oasis Of Hope

C2 Computer Services Inc. has donated 8 Dell PCs in their continuing effort to support local nonprofits.

“We are honored to donate these computers to Oasis Of Hope Community Development Corporation, Inc., and trust that our donation will help you in your vision of helping South Florida’s low- and – moderate income families reach their dream of homeownership.  Your organization has taken on a mission that is helping so many young adults and families and we’re proud to be able to help in any way.  On behalf of C2 Computer Services, thank you for what you do” – Founder and CEO, Craig Lojewski.

Spirit of Giving Receives In-Kind Donation from C2 Computer Services

Boca Raton, FL – C2 Computer Services has made a very generous donation of 13 Dell Devices to the Nonprofit Spirit of Giving.

C2 Computer Services will be donating 13 Dell devices including all the peripherals to support the organization’s mission of serving local nonprofits. “C2 is honored and proud to be able to donate to Spirit of Giving and hope that our contribution will help, in a small way, with the great and selfless work you are doing. Your organization is addressing real problems that many children and families encounter and I’m sure your efforts are appreciated by all the community. So, on behalf of my Company, I want to thank you for what you do, and we are delighted to have been able to contribute to your success” said Founder and CEO Craig Lojewski.

C2 donates to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County accept a donation from C2 Computer Services, Inc. 

Due to COVID-19, schools across the country were compelled to shut down and many have shifted to online learning.  Thousands of students and teachers in Broward County are faced with the difficult challenge of now having to adapt to this sudden pivot in education.

The biggest problem with this change is the difficulty that students, who live below the poverty level, have encountered. There are students who do not have the means to be able to obtain the necessary equipment they need, most importantly laptops; these students are left at a strong disadvantage amongst their peers.  Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County are at the forefront of tackling this problem by giving students the tools and resources they need to succeed in the virtual classroom.